The Constitution



1. The name of the Association shall be”


1. To promote the study and further research of Oral Health and to liase with consultative bodies to whom reference may be made by public or private bodies for guidance in connection with the Dental Hygienist Profession.
2. To maintain the honour and interests of the Dental Hygienist Profession.
3. To represent and safeguard the common interests of the members.
4. To assist in the promotion of dental and general health programmes and campaigns.
5. To undertake anything that is incidental or ancillary to the foregoing.

Membership shall be of the following classes:

1. Ordinary Membership
Hygienists whose names are entered in the Register of Dental Hygienists kept by the Dental Council or who are eligible to have their names so entered.
2. Honorary Membership
The Committee may nominate for consideration by the General Assembly of Members, Honorary Membership for any person, whether or not a member of the Association, who has in the opinion of the Committee given great service to the Association or the Profession.
3. Student Membership
Student Membership shall be available to Student Dental Hygienists during their training.
4. Associate Membership
The Committee may approve applications for Associate Membership from other Dental Professional Organisations.


1. The Committee shall elect the Honorary President. The Honorary President shall have served a
period as a Committee Member in the previous five years, and be a current member of The Irish
Dental Hygienist’s Association.
2. The term of Office for the Honorary President shall be two years, and they may be elected for a further term of two years, after which they must step down.
3. The Honorary President will be expected to represent the IDHA at Scientific and Social Events to which the Association are invited, and to wear the Chain of Office.


The Officers of the Association shall be:

1. Honorary President
2. Honorary Secretary
3. Honorary Treasurer

The authority of the Association shall be vested in a Committee. The Committee shall consist of not less than five voting members.


The Committee may appoint Sub Committees and delegate to such Sub Committees such matters, with such power, as it thinks fit. The Sub Committees shall report back the Committee at regular intervals.


The Association shall publish a newsletter not less than twice in every year.


The Articles of the Association shall only be amended by Extraordinary Resolution at the Annual
General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose, 21 days notice
having been given in writing of the proposed amendment.

(a) The Committee shall consider applications for membership and shall have the power at their absolute discretion to accept or reject any application.
(b) Honorary Membership shall confer all the privileges of the Association but only Dental Hygienists given this honour shall be entitled to vote.
(c) Student Membership shall confer all the privileges of the Association provided that no Student Member shall be entitled to vote.
(d) Associate Membership shall confer all the privileges of the Association provided that no Associate Member shall be entitled to vote.


(a) The annual subscription for members shall be a sum agreed by members of the Committee to be paid on the 1st February each year, provided that no change in the rate of subscription shall be effective at intervals of less that six months.
(b) Honorary Members shall be exempt from the payment of membership subscriptions.
(c) Student Membership shall be a sum agreed by Committee.
(d) Associate Membership shall be a sum agreed by Committee.

(a) The Committee may expel from membership of the Association any members:
1. Whose name has been erased from the Dental Council’s Registration of Dental Hygienists by disciplinary action.
2. Who does any act, which in their opinion has been prejudicial to the interests of the Dental Hygienists Profession or the Members of the Association.

(b) The Committee may exclude from membership of the Association any member whose
subscription is overdue on the 1st May, provided that the Committee shall give notice to the
member of his/her impending exclusion which shall not operate until a further 28 day period
has expired, provided that if the subscription is paid within that period the exclusion shall not
operate without prejudice to paragraph 3 (1) and (2) above.
The Committee may at its sole discretion invite support from suitable eminent persons in the form
of patronage.


Nominations for Officers of the Association, by persons who will normally have served for at least
one year on Committee, which must be seconded, shall be received by the Honorary Secretary not
less than fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting of Members: the nominees consent
having first been obtained.

(a) A Chairperson shall be installed at the first committee meeting after the Annual General
Meeting, to serve a term of a of minimum one year.
(b) The Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by Ordinary Resolution at the AGM for the ensuing two years, having been an Ordinary Committee Member for at least one year. They may be re-elected for a further term of two years, but must then step down.
(c) The Committee shall be empowered to fill any vacancy arising during the year, for the remainder of that year.

Members of the Committee shall be full members of the Association who are:

(a) Representatives of the membership, shall be elected at the AGM to ensure representation from
those currently employed in the Community Dental Services, General Practice and Dental
Schools and Hospitals.
(b) All nominations must be seconded, the nominee’s consent having first been obtained.
(c) The Committee shall meet at least four times every year and at such time as they may decide. A quorum shall be four, to include at least one Officer.

(a) Every Ordinary Member and Dental Hygienist Honorary Member shall have one vote.
(b) In the case of an equality of votes, the President shall have a second or casting vote. In the absence of the President, the Secretary shall have a second or casting vote.


(a) Annual General Meeting

The only meeting at which all members of the Association in good standing with the right to vote are able to debate and resolve the working of the Association.
(1) The AGM shall if possible, be held once in each calendar year or as soon as possible thereafter. Notice shall be given to members in writing not less than 21 days prior to such a meeting.
(2) Members representing 5% of the membership may, by written application, require the Committee to call an Extraordinary General Meeting provided that the reasons are clearly stated in the application; and upon receipt of such a request the Secretary of the Association shall convene the Extraordinary Meeting on a date within 28 days thereof.
(3) No other business shall be discussed at an Extraordinary General Meeting other than that for which the meeting has been convened.

(a) Ordinary resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority of those present and voting at the
(b) Extraordinary resolutions shall be passed by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the
members present and voting at the meeting.

The Committee shall be appointed annually after the Annual General Meeting.
(1) Minutes of all Committees shall be kept in a permanent record.
(2) The Committee may appoint sub-committees and/or working parties as necessary.


(a) The Committee shall be responsible for the management and control of the publications of
the Association through the Editor.
(b) The Editor shall be responsible of the administration of the Newsletter and report to the
Committee at least four times a year.


The Committee shall keep a Book of Accounts, in which are to recorded all the assets of the
Association, all monies received and expended on behalf of the Association, and all credits and
liabilities of the Association.

The Accounts of the Association for the year ending the preceding 31st day of January, shall
be prepared and the same shall be audited by an Accountant to be appointed by the Association.

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