Brush Bunny

The Brush Bunny Initiative was developed by Sviatlana Anishchuk and Catherine Waldron on behalf of the Irish Dental Hygienists Association and Early Childhood Ireland, to encourage daily toothbrushing in preschools.

The early development of a toothbrushing habit for young children will have a beneficial impact on their oral and general health for their lifetime.


The Brush Bunny storybook and song are free to use by anyone to encourage a daily toothbrushing habit.


The initiative has been funded by the Irish Dental Hygienists Association and the International Federation of Dental Hygienists as part of a Social Responsibility Project which encourages dental hygienists to volunteer their time and expertise to benefit their community. Additional resources and skills were provided for the initiative by Early Childhood Ireland, the Dental Health Foundation, Curacept Worldwide, Oral B, Steven Hanly (Song Writer) and Mark Waldron (Production), for which we are extremely grateful.

IDHA Resources for Preschools planning to introduce the Brush Bunny Daily Toothbrushing Project

Guideline documents

Brush Bunny Song and Story Book